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James Mnyupe

Economic Advisor to President & Green Hydrogen Commissioner

James Mnyupe

In September 2020, Mr Mnyupe was appointed as Namibian President Hage Geingob’s Economic Advisor. He also leads Namibia’s green transitions by structuring the development of green hydrogen, ammonia, and related export commodities in Namibia, which is the most ambitious green hydrogen project globally.

Previously, Mr Mnyupe led one of Namibia’s prominent asset management firms for five years, was the Founding Chair of the Namibia Savings and Investment Association and was appointed to the High-Level Panel on the Namibian Economy in 2019 by President Hage Geingob.

Mr Mnyupe possesses a holistic appreciation for how the capital and institutional savings markets intertwine to drive Namibia’s economic and developmental agenda. His involvement in various industry and national bodies have offered him a unique perspective from which to contribute to various dialogues and initiatives that look to deploy said assets across various opportunity sets, locally and regionally more effectively. He holds the CA, CFA and CFP designations.

Mr Mnyupe is a multidisciplinary financial professional with a background in accounting, asset management and wealth management. A graduate of UNAM and Rhodes University, Mr Mnyupe plied his trade in the private sector for over a decade auditing a wide variety of companies in all three sectors of the Namibian economy and undertook extensive research on listed securities on the local stock exchange.

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