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Mohamed Dabbour

CEO at Aesthina Partners Ltd

Mohamed Dabbour

Mohamed is a respected Technology leader with a long experience in Africa. His expertise includes fast growth strategies and business development, M&A, change management, turnarounds, start-ups and capital structuring.

He is currently advising companies on their market entry and business strategy within Africa’s technology industry. He is also involved with several M&A transactions covering the whole range of digital infrastructures.

As a “tech for good” enthusiast, Mohamed provides strategic advisory to innovative companies leveraging technology to create a positive impact in their markets while delivering value to their shareholders.

Until the end of 2019, Mohamed was the CEO of Millicom Africa overseeing the company’s portfolio of mobile operations across 6 markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. After several years growing Millicom’s MNO assets in Africa, he successfully led Millicom’s exit from most of their markets in Africa.

Prior to that, Mohamed was CFO of Millicom Africa, responsible, amongst other, for performance and capital structure optimisation.

Mohamed has hands-on experience and know-how in building very large digital infrastructures and operating large scale operations in Africa. He also spent many years working on the continent where he held leadership positions in Millicom’s subsidiaries. He started his career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Mohamed holds a master’s in finance from ICHEC Management School, in Belgium, and an Executive MBA from London Business School.

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