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Thione Niang

Founder at JeufZone Farm

Thione Niang

Farmer, social entrepreneur, political strategist, and author Thione Niang. Thione Niang immigrated to the USA in 2000 with only 20 dollars and worked his way through the hardships while getting involved in his new community. His efforts led him to participate as a community organizer for President Obama in the historic 2008 Presidential elections and becoming national Co-chair of gen44 for the 2012 re-election campaign.

Thione later founded the JeufZone Farms to address the agricultural need of Africa- It is an agro-business platform for the production, commercialization, distribution, and conservation of farm products, with a priority given to local produce.

As an entrepreneur in the energy field, he co-founded Akon Lighting Africa and Solektra International along with the renowned artist Akon and Malien Businessman Samba Bathily in 2014. The mission, to provide electricity to 600 million African households and communities through sustainable solar energy. By 2015 Thione Niang was appointed by President Obama, as Ambassador to the US Ministry of Energy.

In 2009, Thione Niang created the Give1 Project which is a global organization that promotes global leadership and entrepreneurship for young people through its incubation centers, women empowerment, and global leadership programs.

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